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Helen Bohorquez

Coincidence or destiny?

“Am overwhelmed
by the concrete world
give me sum sky-peace
tree bread not disease.”

– Twin Ghost Dog Howl. (Bekah Fly)


The first time I met Bekah, she was playing guitar and singing with a mystical sense of magic and pain. She was part of an artistic event organized by our mutual friend Melissa. Bekah, in my opinion, stole the show.

On that “winery bohemian-hipsterian” night, Bekah captivated me. She sold me one of her CDs, which was beautifully wrapped in a hand-painted cover with an image of a howling dog. It decorates my desk as of today.

Bekah’s physical fragility, due to Lyme disease, is overshadowed by the strength of her lyrics and voice. She talks about wild worlds, phantasmagoric dimensions and the beauty of earthly creatures; things must of us are only capable of conceiving as sci-fi hallucinations.

Listen to Twin Ghost Dog Howl

This morning, on my way to school, coincidence fell apart and it became destiny. The tiny poetic piece of subway vandalism shown on this photograph, is Bekah’s. It instantly made me smile.

This city, with its sometimes suffocating metallic structures and chaotic humanity, is intravenously connected with stories such as this one. It’s what makes my nostalgia much more bearable. It’s just a matter of paying attention to what’s around you. And today, it was just four sentences on a wagon’s wall.

Thanks Bekah.

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