Customer Experience Training

About this project

My employer needed to establish a comprehensive, customer-centric framework that would:

  • Set the company’s expectations about what it means to provide a world-class customer experience
  • Establish a foundational base of actions, behaviors, and outcomes that would eventually help to create career growth pathways within the company

By the end of the training, the learners:

  • Identified the company’s Customer Experience (QCX) philosophy
  • Described the company’s expectations around work outcomes and professionalism
  • Implemented verbal and non-verbal communication techniques that allowed them to relate to customers
  • Identified and created opportunities to elevate customer experience


  • 95% of new hires received QCX training as part of their onboarding training. I estimate around 350 people received the QCX training between 2017-2018.
  • 100% of field trainers and Supervisors, and local managers (50+ employees) were retrained on QCX.


To develop a training program of this scale–with such an emphasis on soft skills (communication, conflict resolution, decision making, etc,) we decided to take a blended learning approach that would allow us to implement 3-levels of learning: 

  • Learn: We used our LMS to introduce our new hires to QCX concepts and establish expectations. This also provided them with the flexibility to train remotely via their phones before coming to the first workshop.
  • Remember: We made the best of our initial in-person interactions with the new hire (orientation workshop, 1-1 field mentorships, final review) to expand on the QCX concepts. We then expanded the learning experience by adding social learning interactions, group learning activities and exercises. A few weeks later, we reactivated the knowledge through a final instructor-led workshop.
  • Do:  We took advantage of our LMS daily training and gamification features to reinforce the QCX concepts during the hire’s first weeks on the job.


16 short training video modules

4 quizzes

2 instructor-led workshops

2 decks

5 weeks duration

Work Sample

This interactive work sample was abbreviated and adapted for this portfolio using Articulate Rise 360, SCORM and iFrame. See Tools and Skills for additional information on the main project.


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Every learning project is different. For this project, I used the ADDIE model of instructional design. This list provides just a glimpse of my instructional process for this specific project and how I think about large projects overall.

1. Research

Interviewed stakeholders (CEO, Directors, Managers) to determine the company's customer-centric philosophy

Talked to business leaders in the hospitality and customer service industries

Investigated strategies of companies with renowned customer services philosophies

2. Analysis

Clarified the team's instructional goals and objectives

Identified our instructional methodology (blended learning) and delivery options (LMS, in-person workshops)

Estimated timeline for project completion (two full quarters)

3. Design & Development

Documented the project’s instructional, visual and technical design strategy

Designed, built and edited instructional materials: decks, scripts, videos and coordinated voice-overs.

Performed content revisions and feedback rounds before implementation

4. Implementation

Set up LMS by uploading courses, creating pathways, quizzes, and segmenting users

Trained facilitators on new processes, instructional guidelines and tech setup

Worked with the Data team to ensure internal collection of training data via the LMS's API

5. Evaluation

Performed initial evaluation of program with a local team of field trainers

Held first field trial with a group of new hires

Implemented program across all markets and set time frame for summative evaluation


  • Instructional design
  • Project management
  • Research and analytics
  • Multimedia content development
  • Scriptwriting
  • Video production
  • Video and audio editing
  • Writing

Tools (Project)

Tools (Work Sample)

  • Articulate Rise 360
  • SCORM Cloud
  • WordPress
  • iFrame

Team Feedback

“Helen is a talented, versatile professional who produces results. I was Helen’s manager for 2+ years at Managed by Q, and during this time she played an invaluable role in creating and implementing training programs that impacted thousands of service workers. Helen excelled at project management, process creation, data gathering and analysis, and content development. She sets high expectations for herself and her colleagues, and she works relentlessly to meet these goals. Helen will be an asset to any organization lucky enough to have her. I’d highly recommend!”

Jordan Runge

Entrepreneurial Curriculum Designer at WeGrow.

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