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Helen Bohorquez

Help me go to China!

Hey everyone! Despite feeling embarrassed about being in camera for the first time, I put myself together and created a crowdfunding campaign to help me fund my study abroad program to China, while also creating my first mini-documentary.

The documentary will explore the changing role between Chinese parents and children, as children adopt more westernized ways and stray traditional family customs. As technology, communications, commerce and other symbols of globalization become the staple of the modern era, I’m particularly interested in witnessing and understanding the integration of Western and Eastern hemispheres while studying the evolution of its cultural traditions, all from a journalistic point of view.

This trip would give me the hands-on and technical experience I’ve looking for so long, while giving me the chance to travel and understand one of the most interesting countries on earth.

I’m excited to travel to such an amazing place, but I feel terrified about how this crowd-funding campaign is going to end. This was also my first time on camera, babbling my accentuated English  and asking for money, all at the same time!

But I think it is worth it. 

I really believe that this trip is going to give me that first push to become all those things I’ve been dreaming of: a documentary producer, a travel writer and a photojournalist.

And all this can happen with your help. Any amount you donate towards this project is going to be well-spent and you’ll not regret it.

If you got a couple of dollars to spare, and believe in what I do, I invite you to donate. I’ll forever appreciate it. 

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