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Helen Bohorquez

I’m going to China!

You helped me to make it.

Hello everyone. I want to thank all of you for supporting me on this trip. Although I did not reach the goal amount I had on my GoFundMe site, I had various offline donations and financial support that helped to make my first study abroad experience possible.

I’ll be leaving May 28th, and I’ll stay in China a bit more of three weeks. I’ll be taking my classes, and I’ll be doing my absolute best to create this mini documentary.

Despite not having the time (or network) to push this campaign through, I was very lucky to count on many friends and family who believe in me. Each of you gave me not just money, but words of advice and admiration. And that counts more than anything else.

The campaign will automatically run until the end of May, and those of you who haven’t donated, still can at http://www.gofundme.com/helenexploreschina (you know, in case you want to invite me a cup of coffee.)

But I just wanted to thank you, one more time.

Stay posted for upcoming updates on this little adventure and I hope you enjoy this beautiful summer.

Travel. Explore. Vive.

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